Mot1 subfamily

The Mot1 subfamily derives its name from the S cerevisiae Mot1 protein (Modifier of Transcription) 1. It encompasses homologues with highly conserved helicase-like regions present across fungi and all higher eukaryotes, where it is known as BTAF1 or TAF172 2.

In vitro and in vivo studies of the yeast enzyme suggest that Mot1p interacts intimately with TBP 3, probably acting to recycle it from certain DNA-bound states 4. As such, Mot1p is an example of a Snf2 family enzyme whose role is not to manipulate nucleosome structure, although a possible direct involvement with chromatin has also been proposed 5.

names associated with subfamily members
TAFII170, TAF172, BTAF1, Hel89B
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