DRD1 subfamily

The DRD1 subfamily takes its name form the DRD1 protein in Arabidopsis thaliana, named from its phenotype ‘Defective in RNA-directed DNA methylation’ 1.

DRD1 functions together with an atypical RNA polymerase IV to establish and also remove non-CpG DNA methylation as part of an RNA interference mediated pathway 2, 3.

DRD1 and JBP2 sequences are similar and may be related (see JBP2 page), but because of the small sample set DRD1 and JBP2 have been conservatively assigned as separate subfamilies. There is also a possible further relationship to the Arip4 subfamily (see also JBP2 page).

names associated with subfamily members
1: Kanno, T., M. F. Mette, et al. (2004). Involvement of putative SNF2 chromatin remodeling protein DRD1 in RNA-directed DNA methylation. Curr Biol 14(9): 801-5. PubMed
2: Kanno, T., W. Aufsatz, et al. (2005). A SNF2-like protein facilitates dynamic control of DNA methylation. EMBO Rep 6(7): 649-55. PubMed
3: Kanno, T., B. Huettel, et al. (2005). Atypical RNA polymerase subunits required for RNA-directed DNA methylation. Nat Genet 37(7): 761-5. PubMed