Arip4 subfamily

The Arip4 subfamily derives its name from the mouse member, Androgen Receptor Interacting Protein 4 1. Arip4 also has the interim official mouse gene name Srisnf2l. Arip4 can bind to DNA and generate ATP-dependent local torsion 2.

Interestingly, mutation of the 6 lysine sumoylation sites in the protein destroyed DNA binding and ATPase activity 3.

Although it can bind nucleosomes, Arip4 does not alter appear to be able to alter their nuclease sensitivity and it has been concluded that nucleosome mobilisation may not be its primary role 3.

There is a possible relationship between the Arip4 and the DRD1 and JBP2 subfamilies (see JBP2 page).

names associated with subfamily members
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