Subfamilies overview


Multiple alignment of the helicase-like regions of a large set of Snf2 proteins revealed 24 distinct subfamilies (Flaus et al).

The subfamilies fall into 5 general groupings with one more distant and .

overview map

Subfamilies and groupings as revealed by inter-hmm tree calculation. Click on a subfamily or grouping name to go to view the relevant full information page.

distant Rad5/16-like Rad54-like SS)1653-like Swr1-like Snf2-like distant Rad5/16-like Rad54-like SSO1653-like Swr1-like Snf2-like rapA SMARCAL1 SHPRH Ris1 Rad5/16 Lodestar Rad54 DRD1 JBP2 Arip4 ATRX Mot1 SSO1653 ERCC6 Etl1 Ino80 Swr1 EP400 Snf2 Lsh Mi-2 Chd1 CHD7 Iswi ALC1