Zebrafish Rad54 (1Z3I)
Rad54 - snf2 region

The zebrafish Rad54 structure is a 648 residue fragment spanning from residue 90 to the C terminus of the native protein (pdb code 1Z3I 1).

Within the fragment crystallised, 56 residues at the N-terminus and 79 residues at the C-terminus are specific to the Rad54 subfamily and pack against the core structure to extend it.

The two recA-like domains in the structure are oriented equivalently to other known helicases.

Although no ADP or ATP is present, a sulphate ion is bound consistent with the expected location and interactions of the ATP gamma phosphate.

structure 1Z3I
description 'zebrafish Rad54'
resolution 3.0A
organism Danio rerio
residues 91-740 (end)
DNA no
database links
PDBsum 1z3i
PubMed 15806108
Zfin ZDB-GENE-040426-968
Ensembl zebrafish ENSDARG00000018623
SwissProt Q7ZV09
Jmol viewer 1z3i
features in structure
motif I 173-186
motif Ia 208-214
motif II 287-294
motif III 316-324
motif IV 510-517
motif V 563-578
motif VI 596-603
NTD 91-147
Lobe1 148-338
HD1 339-385
Lobe1a 386-397
HD2a 398-480
Lobe2 481-618
HD2b 619-661
CTD 662-740
1: Thoma, N. H., B. K. Czyzewski, et al. (2005). Structure of the SWI2/SNF2 chromatin-remodeling domain of eukaryotic Rad54. Nat Struct Mol Biol 12(4): 350-6. PubMed