nomenclature convention

We have attempted to follow standard informal practice in the field by naming subfamilies:

  • after the first characterised (archetype) protein in a subfamily
  • with the most commonly used name of the archetype, even if this differs from its current official name (eg Etl1, Arip4)
  • adhering to the nomenclature convention of the organism

For details about nomenclatures for specific organisms, see Expasy's nomenclature links

alphabetical list of subfamilies

subfamily archetype
official gene name
ALC1 H sapiens CHD1L Snf2‑like
Arip4 M musculus Srisnf2 Rad54‑like
ATRX H sapiens ATRX Rad54‑like
Chd1 M musculus Chd1 Snf2‑like
CHD7 H sapiens CHD7 Snf2‑like
DRD1 A thaliana DRD1 Rad54‑like
ERCC6 H sapiens ERCC6 SSO1653‑like
EP400 H sapiens EP400 Swr1‑like
Etl1 M musculus Smarcad1 Swr1‑like
Ino80 S cerevisiae Ino80 Swr1‑like
Iswi D melanogaster Iswi Snf2‑like
JBP2 T brucei JBP2 Rad54‑like
Lodestar D melanogaster Lodestar Rad5/16‑like
Lsh M musculus Hells Snf2‑like
Mi-2 H sapiens CHD3 Snf2‑like
Mot1 S cerevisiae Mot1 SSO1653‑like
Rad5/16 S cerevisiae Rad5,Rad16 Rad5/16‑like
Rad54 S cerevisiae Rad54 Rad54‑like
Ris1 S cerevisiae Ris1 Rad5/16‑like
SHPRH H sapiens SHPRH Rad5/16‑like
SMARCAL1 H sapiens SMARCAL1 distant
Snf2 S cerevisiae Snf2 Snf2‑like
Swr1 S cerevisiae Swr1 Swr1‑like
SSO1653 S solfataricus SSO1653 SSO1653‑like