species subfamily acronym links
ACF D melanogaster Iswi ATP-utilizing Chromatin assembly and remodeling Factor, complex containing ISWI PubMed
ADAAD B taurus SMARCAL1 Active DNA-dependent ATPase A Domain PubMed
ALC1 H sapiens ALC1 Amplified in Liver Cancer 1 PubMed
Arip4 M musculus Arip4 Androgen Receptor Interacting Protein 4, official name is Srisnf2l PubMed
ATRX H sapiens ATRX Alpha Thalassemia/Mental Retardation syndrome, X linked PubMed
BAF BRG1-Associated Factor PubMed
Brahma, brm D melanogaster Snf2 Identified in screen for suppressors of Polycomb, from Hindu god of fate PubMed
BRG1 H sapiens Snf2 brm/SNF2-related gene 1 PubMed
BRM, hBRM H sapiens Snf2 Human homologue of fruitfly BRaMha PubMed
CHARGE H sapiens CHD7 syndrome linked to CHD7 gene, named from "Coloboma, Heart disease, Atresia of the choanae, Retarded growth or development, Genital hypoplasia, and Ear anomalies" PubMed
Chd1 M musculus Chd1 Chromodomain, Helicase, DNA binding motifs PubMed
CHD1L H sapiens ALC1 CHD1-Like, official name for ALC1 PubMed
CHD5, CHD6 H sapiens Mi2
Continuation of Chd1 naming sequence. CHD6 was origianlly CHD5 and predated CHD5. HGNC swapped names, which maintains continuity of the subfamilies as CHD1-2 (Chd1), CHD3-5 (Mi-2) and CHD6-9 (CHD7) PubMed
ChrAC D melanogaster Iswi Chromatin Accessibility Complex, contains Iswi PubMed
CReMM H sapiens CHD7 Chromatin-Related Mesenchymal Modulator, official name is CHD9 PubMed
CSB H sapiens ERCC6 Cockayne Syndrome complementation group B protein, official name ERCC6 PubMed
DDM1 A thaliana Lsh Decrease in DNA Methylation, in Lsh subfamily. PubMed
domino D melanogaster Swr1 Swr1 subfamily, mutant larvae have 2 prominent black dots in anterior PubMed
DRD1 A thaliana DRD1 DNA methylation RNA Directed, previously identified as CHR35 by automated classifiers PubMed
EP400 H sapiens EP400 E1A binding protein p400 PubMed
ERCC6 H sapiens ERCC6 Excision Repair Cross-Complementing rodent repair deficiency complementation group 6, official name for CSB PubMed
Etl1 M musculus Etl1 Enhancer Trap Locus 1, official name Smarcad1 PubMed
Fun30p S cerevisiae Etl1 Function UNknown 30 PubMed
HARP H sapiens SMARCAL1 HepA-Related Protein, official name SMARCAL1 PubMed
Hells H sapiens, M musclus LSH HELicase, Lymphoid Specific. Also known as PASG, SMARCA6 and Lsh in mouse. PubMed
HepA E coli rapA group HElicase Putative A, official name rapA PubMed
HGNC HUGO (Human Genome Organisation) Gene Nomenclature Committee link
HIP116 H sapiens Rad5/16 HIV-1 Initiator binding Protein 116kDal, official name SMARCA3 PubMed
HLTF H sapiens Rad5/16 Helicase Like Transcription Factor, official name SMARCA3 PubMed
HNH domain from homing endonucleases found in some SMARCAL1 proteins; named from characteristic His, Asn and His residues PubMed
hrp1 S pombe Chd1 Helicase Related Protein 1, Chd1 homologue PubMed
hrp2 S pombe Mot1 Helicase Related protein 2, Mot1 according to Eisen. See Mol. Cells v6 pp504-7 (1996) - not in PubMed
hrp3 S pombe Chd1 Helicase Related protein 3, Chd1 homologue PubMed
hSNF2L H sapiens Iswi human SNF2 Like, which is in fact better described as Iswi like PubMed
Ino80p S cerevisiae Ino80 INOsitol biosynthesis genes 80 PubMed
Ino80.com S cerevisiae remodelling complex containing Ino80 PubMed
Iswi D melanogaster Iswi Imitation SWI2, similar but not directly homologousn to SNF2 gene PubMed
JBP2 T brucei JBP2 J Binding Protein 2, where J is modified base beta-D-glucosyl-hydroxymethyluracil PubMed
KIS, KIS-L, KIS-R D melanogaster CHD7 protein product of kismet gene, long (kis-PA) and short (kis-PB) forms; from turkish for 'fate' PubMed
Lsh M musculus Lsh Lympoid Specific Helicase, although widely expressed and not a helicase. Official name Hells. PubMed
Mfd E coli Mutation Frequency Decline, in SF2 with structure determined but NOT a Snf2 family protein PubMed
Mi2, Mi-2 H sapiens, D melanogaster, X tropicalis Mi-2 Human autoantigen, official name CHD3 for Mi2alpha and CHD4 for Mi2beta PubMed
Mot1p S cerevisiae Mot1 Modifier Of Transcription 1 PubMed
NURD D melanogaster Mi-2 NUcleosome Remodelling and Deacetylation, contains Mi-2 PubMed
P113 M musculus Rad5/16 Protein 113kDal, official name SMARCA3 PubMed
PASG H sapiens Lsh Proliferation Associated SNF2-like Gene, official name HELLS. Originally attributed in Blood v94 p594a (1999) - not in PubMed PubMed
PIE1 A thaliana Swr1 Photoperiod-Independent Early flowering PubMed
Rad5p S cerevisiae Rad5/16 RADiation sensitive isolate 5, part of the RAD6 epistasis group
Rad16p S cerevisiae Rad5/16 RADiation sensitive isolate 16, part of the RAD3 epistasis group PubMed
Rad26p S cerevisiae ERCC6 RADiation sensitive isolate 26, part of the RAD3 epistasis group; related to ERCC6 PubMed
RAD51p S cerevisiae not a Snf2 family protein but belonging to the same RAD52 epistasis group as Rad54p
Rad54p S cerevisiae Rad54 RADiation sensitive isolate 54, in RAD52 epistasis group PubMed
rapA E coli rapA group RNA polymerase Associated Protein ATPase PubMed
recA E coli RECombination protein A, archetype for fold in helicase-like proteins; not a Snf2 family protein PubMed
RING dual zinc finger motif, name from archetype protein Really INteresting Gene 2
Ris1p S cerevisiae Ris1 originally Dosage Interference of Silencing DIS1, but renamed RIS1 to avoid nomenclature conflict PubMed
RSC S cerevisiae Snf2 Remodel the Structure of Chroimatin, contains Sth1p PubMed
RUSH1 O cuniculus Rad5/16 Rabbit Uteroglobin SWI/SNF Helicase, official name SMARCA3 PubMed
RuvA,RuvB not Snf2 family, helicases in Ino80.com complex PubMed
SF1, SF2 Helicase-like SuperFamily 1, 2; Gorbalenya and Koonin, Curr Opin Struct Biol v3 pp419-29 (1993) - not in PubMed
SHPRH H sapiens SHPRH named from linear order of Pfam motifs SNF2_N, H1 (ie Linker_Histone), PHD finger, RING finger, Helicase_C PubMed
SMARCA SWI/SNF-related, Matrix-associated, Actin-dependent Regulator Chromatin more info
SMARCAD1 H sapiens Etl1 SMARCA DEAD box containing 1, official name for Etl1 homologue PubMed
SMARCAL1 H sapiens SMARCAL1 SMARCA Like 1, official name but also known as HARP PubMed
Snf2, Snf2p S cerevisiae Snf2 Sucrose Non Fermenting, due to effects on expression of SUC2. Officially Snf2p but also sometimes known as Swi2p. The terminal non-essential p designates 'protein'. PubMed
SNF2H H sapiens Iswi SNF2 Homologue, which is in fact better described as an Iswi homologue PubMed
SNF2L H sapiens Iswi SNF2 Like, which is in fact better described as Iswi like PubMed
SNF2P ALC1 SNF2-like in Plants, plant Snf2 family proteins homologous to ALC1. Unfortunate since Snf2p is the official name for the archetypal protein of the family. PubMed
Srisnf2l M musculus Arip4 Steroid Receptor-Interacting SNF2 domain protein Like, official name for Arip4
Sth1p S cerevisiae Snf2 SNF Two Homologue PubMed
SWI/SNF S cerevisiae Snf2 archetypal remodeller complex with Snf2p (Swi2p) at its core PubMed
Swi2p S cerevisiae Snf2 mating type SWItching, synonym for official name Snf2p PubMed
SWIM domain homology type, name derived from SWI2 and MuDR, found in or linked to many bacterial SSO1653 subfamily members PubMed
Swr1p S cerevisiae Swr1 SWI/SNF related protein PubMed
TTF2 H sapiens Lodestar Transcription Termination Factor 2 PubMed
WCRF H sapiens Iswi Williams syndrome transcription factor-related Chromatin Remodeling Factor PubMed
WICH H sapiens Iswi WSTF Iswi CHromatin remodelling complex PubMed
WINAC H sapiens Iswi WSTF Including Nucleosome Assembly Complex PubMed
WSTF H sapiens Iswi Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor participating in WICH and WINAC complexes PubMed
Zbu1 H sapiens Rad5/16 named after zebu hybrid brahma-yak as example of purposeful variability, official name SMARCA3 is much less prosaic PubMed
ZRANB3 H sapiens SMARCAL1 Zinc finger RAN-Binding domain containing 3 appears to have been assigned automatically, official name SMARCAL1

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