Proteins by subfamily and organism for archaea

A fulgiduseuryarchaeota                        11A fulgidus
H marismortuieuryarchaeota                          H marismortui
H sp.euryarchaeota                          H sp.
M jannaschiieuryarchaeota                          M jannaschii
M maripaludiseuryarchaeota                          M maripaludis
M kandlerieuryarchaeota                          M kandleri
M acetivoranseuryarchaeota                      1  1M acetivorans
M barkerieuryarchaeota                          M barkeri
M mazeieuryarchaeota                      1  1M mazei
M thermautotrophicuseuryarchaeota                          M thermautotrophicus
N pharaoniseuryarchaeota                        11N pharaonis
P torriduseuryarchaeota                          P torridus
P abyssieuryarchaeota                        11P abyssi
P furiosuseuryarchaeota                        11P furiosus
P horikoshiieuryarchaeota                        11P horikoshii
T kodakarensiseuryarchaeota                          T kodakarensis
T acidophilumeuryarchaeota                          T acidophilum
T volcaniumeuryarchaeota                        11T volcanium
A pernixcrenarchaeota                        11A pernix
P aerophilumcrenarchaeota                          P aerophilum
S acidocaldariuscrenarchaeota                          S acidocaldarius
S solfataricuscrenarchaeota                      1  1S solfataricus
S tokodaiicrenarchaeota                          S tokodaii
N equitansnanoarchaeota                          N equitans
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  • other views: model eukaryotes, all eukaryotes, archaea, prokaryotes
  • subfamily assignment as bitscore >100 to hmm model as described in Flaus et al, NAR v34 p2887, 2006
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