Rad54 - snf2 region

Snf2 family protein resource

The Snf2 family is a large group of helicase-like proteins. Many of the well-studied members are core motor polypeptides within ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling complexes.

This resource collects information and provides a sequence database for the Snf2 family.


  • Flaus et al paper describing Snf2 family bioinformatic analysis is published as open-access in NAR
  • Snf2.net site updated with more information, fixes and improved interlinking within the database

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Snf2 family proteins are ubiquitous in eukaryotes, but also occur in bacteria and archaea. They participate in many biochemical processes in the cell nucleus, the most high-profile of which involve chromatin packaging. Members have been linked to a variety of diseases and some are essential for survival.

Snf2 family members fall into subfamilies, and in many cases these correlate with function.

Rad54 - snf2 region

Almost all Snf2 family proteins are DNA-dependent ATPases. Conserved residues map to core structural elements. How Snf2 family proteins work as enzymes and mechanical machines is still poorly understood.

about this site

We hope this site will become a useful community resource for the Snf2 family, and we welcome feedback and suggestions.

The principal initial role of the site is to support a bioinformatic analysis of the Snf2 family (Flaus et al, NAR v34 p2887, 2006).